Biologics Resources, LLC (BRLLC)
a Vaccine and BioPharma company developing new and comprehensive medical countermeasures to protect human life against bioterrorism.
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>> Dr. Lallan Giri speaks to Comcast Newsmakers about Biologics Resources LLC's conjugate anthrax vaccine.   VIEW THE VIDEO

>> Biologics Resources LLC (BRLLC), a new start-up Vaccine and Biopharma company headquartered in Germantown, Maryland has been awarded a five year grant by the NIH, totaling approximately $5.5 million, to develop its new conjugate anthrax vaccine.  The conjugation technology for this new anthrax vaccine was developed by and has been licensed from the NIH.  BRLLC’s innovative approach to product development sets them apart from the competition in terms of composition, efficacy and most importantly, protection.

>> BRLLC has secured exclusive license from the NIH to develop two products, a conjugate anthrax vaccine and a monoclonal antibody therapeutic, that target both virulence factors; capsule and toxin.